Party Speakers: Know about these amazing speakers!


Party Speakers:  If you often hold parties at home but normal speakers do not bring life to the party, then today we are going to tell you about some powerful party speakers available in the budget range that can turn the house into a party place. Can convert. 


Blaupunkt PS75

Price – Rs 8,999

This is a great Bluetooth party speaker that is quite popular in the market and has been launched recently. You can use this Bluetooth speaker both indoors and outdoor. In these, you get two big 5.25" woofers which can make you attend any party. Not only this, but RGB light is also available in these speakers. If we talk about the battery, it is 2400mAh which offers a backup of 12 hours. Is. 

Philips IN-SPA5190B/94 Wired Speaker

Price – Rs 8,290

This is a powerful Bluetooth speaker with a capacity of 90W, if you use it then believe me you will become crazy about its audio, this is because its audio quality is crystal clear. Its Bluetooth range is 10 meters. Once its battery is charged, it can be used for hours. 

JBL Charge 3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Price – Rs 7,777

This is a mobile, tablet, and laptop speaker, you can use it anywhere if you want to have a small party at home, then it can be of great use to you and you also get a powerful experience. It has a 2-channel stereo speaker. The speaker will come with a 20W battery. 

Blaupunkt PS150 

Price – Rs 11,999

Talking about the Blaupunkt PS150, it is a real powerhouse with an amazing 100 watts of power, it comes with an 8" woofer and a 1" tweeter that is fully capable of producing powerful audio. The audio experience of PS150 is quite powerful and unique so it can add charm to the party. Whether you are hosting a party at your home, or you are listening to your favorite songs, this party speaker proves itself in every case. If we talk about its design, it works to take its audio sound output to the maximum level. The front of the speaker is tilted to evenly spread the music waves. It is equipped with a 4500mAh high-efficiency battery, which allows up to 12 hours of gameplay on a single charge. The IPX4 rating of the PS150 is a game-changer. It protects itself from things like water splash, dust, and sand.