OTP Scam: You should not give your phone to any unknown person even by mistake, money will be lost from your account within minutes!


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Fraudsters use many tactics to trick people into scams and one such method is the OTP scam. You might have heard about OTP scams, but do you know how these fraudsters drain your account under the guise of asking for your help?

Scammers often start by claiming that their phone's battery has died, causing the phone to turn off. Then they ask if they can call from your phone. If a stranger on the street tries this trick to borrow your phone, be careful.


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It is important to recognize that not everyone is the same; It is said that every coin has two sides. So, while someone may actually be in distress and need to make a call from your phone urgently, on the other hand, a fraudster may try to take your phone and cause you harm.

Here's how people fall into the trap:

Fraudsters request to make a call from your phone by pretending that the battery is drained. As soon as you give your phone, they will call their partner from your number. While talking on the phone, the fraudster's partner will send an OTP to your number.

The person talking on your phone will very cleverly make it seem as if the other person is inquiring about their arrival. For example, if their partner asks about their arrival time and the OTP is 1055, the person on your phone will cleverly say 10:55.


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In this way, the OTP is shared and your bank account may be emptied. Therefore, it is advisable to seek help carefully, as a small mistake can lead to big losses.