Open AI: CEO of OpenAI told the truth about bringing a search engine to compete with Google!

Open AI Search Engine:  OpenAI CEO Sam Altman denied reports of launching a new AI search engine to compete with Google and also clarified that no GPT-5 has been announced.


Open AI Search Engine:  OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has denied reports that his company is developing a new AI to take on Google on May 13, just a day before the Android maker's I/O 2024 event. Can launch powered search engines. However, Altman said he would make some new announcements regarding ChatGPT and GPT-4 at an event on Monday. 


The matter came to light in the report 

A Reuters report on Thursday claimed that OpenAI is planning to launch its AI-powered search engine on May 13 to give tough competition to Google and Perplexity AI. Notably, reports from Bloomberg and The Information had previously made similar claims but did not specify a definite launch date.

What will happen to the AI ​​search engine race now?

Although OpenAI is not launching a new search engine for Google on May 13, there is still a possibility that the company may launch a new search engine in the market sometime in the future. A report by The Verge earlier this week claimed that OpenAI is aggressively attracting Google employees to a team that is working to soon distribute a search product.

Notably, since its global launch in late 2022, there has been speculation that OpenAI will challenge Google's dominance in the search market. Perhaps sensing a fight ahead, Google also unveiled a new AI-powered experimental search engine for iOS and Android in 2023.