Online Payment Tips: Secure your online transactions, Know these key points before you pay!

Online Payment Tips: One mistake and you will incur loss, keep these things in mind while making online payment

You must be making online payments to buy everyday goods, but do you know that a small mistake while making payment can empty your account? Today we will tell you about some important things which if you always keep in mind, you will not suffer any loss.

Keep these things in mind while making online payments

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With the advent of UPI, people's lives have become much easier. Be it buying everyday goods or sending money to someone, all work is done very easily through UPI. But it is very important to be cautious while making online payments, otherwise it has been seen many times that people become victims of scams while making online payments.

Making UPI payment is safe but if you are not alert while making payment then you can get into big trouble. While doing any work related to money, a small negligence can empty the bank account, to ensure that nothing like this happens to you, today we are going to tell you about some important things which if you keep in mind while making online payment then your money will be safe.

UPI Payment Safety Tips: Keep these things in mind

  • Make UPI payments only through trusted apps. For UPI payments, you need a UPI app and whenever you use an app, make sure beforehand whether the app you are going to use has received approval from RBI or not?
  • UPI PIN is required while making UPI payment, payment cannot be made without entering the PIN. In such a situation, always keep your UPI PIN secret and do not share it with any unknown person.
  • If your phone is connected to a public Wi-Fi, do not make UPI payment even by mistake. After removing the phone from the public Wi-Fi, make the payment only through mobile data.
  • Do not share bank account details with any unknown person.
  • Smartphone safety is also important, so make sure to install reliable antivirus software on your device.

Sending and receiving money through UPI payment is definitely a secure method, but as they say, 'Lack of caution leads to accidents'. Be careful while making payments and follow the above mentioned tips.