Online Fraud: Beware! Cheap offers will empty your bank account! Be careful!



There is a lot of excitement about Diwali at this time. There is an atmosphere of shopping, enthusiasm and joy. Many companies and e-commerce platforms are showering offers for the Diwali sale. But often due to busy work at home, it is not possible to go out of the house. The lure of online shopping is not going to stop. Many advertisements and discounts have appeared on social networking platforms. But all these advertisements are not meant to benefit you. Some of them also trap you (Diwali Online Scam Alert). Therefore, do not be tempted to purchase from any unauthorized website or link. Otherwise, the bonuses and salaries in the bank will disappear forever.

Stay away from Diwali offers

Cybercriminals have set a trap online to cheat you. Fake bank calls, SMS and e-mails with fake offers are greed. Many people have received money in their bank accounts during Diwali. Cyber ​​fraud takes advantage of this. You are sent a link enticing you with a discount. As soon as you click on it, the amount disappears from your account within a few minutes. In some cases, after a few minutes of conversation on call, it has come to light that the bank account has been closed. This scam is done by stealing your personal information and bank details.


PC: Telegraph India

Don't fall into this fraud at all

Discounts and cashback offers are shown during the festive season. Or funds like scratch coupons, and prizes are used. You may also see many tricks like free combo offers one after the other. Once you fall into the trap of this viral message, you may be defrauded. The first thing you get is a call. Then the link is sent. Or if you click on the direct link, the information is stolen and the bank account is emptied. Therefore do not be greedy. Make sure the e-commerce website is secure and then make the transaction.


PC: The Economic Times - IndiaTimes

Free gift Diwali offer

Such offers will make your Diwali buzzing. Scammers flood the market with such offers. Post on social media. Favourite comments are made on this from fake accounts. That's why we believe it. By clicking and scrolling on their links you become a victim.