Now you will be able to make payments easily through WhatsApp, you will get the option to scan directly from chat!


pc: abplive

WhatsApp, one of the world's most popular messaging platforms, always keeps introducing new features to keep its users engaged. This time WhatsApp is bringing a new and much-awaited feature. Through this feature, users will be able to make payments to anyone through WhatsApp.

A new feature of WhatsApp:

Seeing the increasing trend of online and digital payments, WhatsApp started WhatsApp Pay many years ago, but now the company has started providing the facility to make UPI payments by scanning QR codes directly from the chat list.

According to a new report from the Wabetainfo website, a feature called UPI QR Code will be introduced in the latest update of WhatsApp. This feature is currently released for select beta users so that the company can resolve any possible issues with this feature. According to the report, in the coming weeks, the company will start rolling out this new feature to users around the world.

Making payments will be easy:

After the introduction of this new feature, users will see a new icon at the top of their chat list to scan the QR code. Users will be able to easily make payments by clicking on that icon while using WhatsApp and scanning any QR code and then continuing their chat.

You can also see in this picture how WhatsApp is providing options for this new feature. With the introduction of this feature, it will become easier for users to make payments. Till now, to make payment through WhatsApp, users had to follow a long process, but after this feature, payment will be just one click away.