Now you can make direct calls from WhatsApp, new feature will create a sensation!


In April this year, it was reported that WhatsApp is working on a feature that will make it easier to make calls directly within the app. People around the world like to talk on WhatsApp through messages or calls. But till now, if you wanted to call someone who is not saved in your phone contact list, then there was some problem. But with the arrival of this new feature, WhatsApp is trying to solve this problem.


You will get the call tab

Till now, to call an unknown number, it had to be saved in the phone's contact list first. However, according to the report of WABetaInfo, WhatsApp Beta users are getting a new button in the call tab in the latest update of Android. By pressing this button, you can directly call anyone, even if his number is not in your phone's contact list.

The calling button will appear inside the app

A glimpse of WhatsApp's new feature has also surfaced, from which it can be guessed how the calling button will look inside the app. This new feature will make WhatsApp even easier. Now you will be able to make calls directly from the Internet, which is more economical than calling from a SIM card, especially when talking abroad. This will be especially beneficial for those who have Wi-Fi or cheap internet packs.

You will get many options

Apart from this, if you have entered a number and then want to send a message, then the message option will also be available on the same screen. The most important thing is that this new feature will tell whether the number you are calling is on WhatsApp or not, and then you can call or message accordingly.