Now web users of YouTube Music will also be able to take advantage of offline downloads, know the details!


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Now YouTube Music web users also have the option to download music for offline listening. Earlier this option was only available for mobile users, but now you can use it on the web version as well. In this new feature, you can download a maximum of 10 songs. Google is currently testing offline downloads on the web version of YouTube Music.

According to a report, some users have received the message "New! Download music to listen offline" on the YouTube Music web app. This option is available in the sidebar under Library Options. To download it on your computer, you have to go to the settings of YouTube Music. Here you will get the download option. After clicking on this tab you can access the downloaded tracks.

How many songs can be downloaded?

Currently, this facility is not available for everyone. One thing to note is that if your system is not connected to the internet for 30 days, your content will expire. You can download and keep a maximum of 10 songs offline. YouTube launched YouTube Music in India in 2019. Apart from playlists, you can also listen to many radio channels, live performances, and much more.

YouTube Music gives you many great features including real-time songs and podcasts. To download songs, it is necessary to have a YouTube Premium membership. With Premium, you get a number of additional features, including ad-free listening to songs in the app, the option to seamlessly switch between audio and video, and access to 100 million songs, videos, and more.