Now status will be visible on Facebook along with WhatsApp, know how here!


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WhatsApp and Facebook, both Meta-owned platforms, are particularly popular among users. Did you know that there is a feature called Status Share that allows you to link these two apps? This means you can post status on both apps simultaneously.

If you post a status on WhatsApp, you can also post that status on Facebook. You do not even need to go to Facebook separately because with just one click from WhatsApp, the same status is shared on Facebook also.

To share WhatsApp status on Facebook, first open WhatsApp. Here you have to go to the status page. After setting the status, you will have to click on the status again.


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You will have to click on the three-dot option on the page where you can see the views of WhatsApp status. After this, you will have to tap on the option of Share to Facebook.

In this way, your WhatsApp status gets shared on Facebook and the Facebook logo also appears along with the status. This way, your status is already posted on Facebook.


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After posting your WhatsApp status on Facebook, you can also check on Facebook whether the status is posted or not. This trick saves both your time and effort.