Now Chrome will work very fast even on slow internet, this new update is going to be available, click to know!


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Till now, to search for anything on Google Chrome, it was necessary to have fast internet speed. If your internet speed was not fast, searching on Google Chrome felt like a nanny and sometimes required waiting for hours. But this will not happen now.

Google is soon bringing new updates to the Chrome web browser, where users will be able to search easily on Google Chrome even on slow internet. According to the information, Android, iOS and Mac users will benefit from these Chrome updates.

Three new updates in Google Chrome:

Under these updates, users will get three main features. After the rollout of these updates, the search session of users will become better than before. Google has launched a special customization tool for Android and Apple users to improve the Chrome experience. With its help, users can search even in slow or poor internet conditions.

Users can use this feature by going into incognito mode of Chrome. Along with this, with the arrival of the new update, desktop users will have more search suggestions. Chrome will now give search suggestions to users by analyzing the topic searched by users and what other users are searching about that topic. Also, users will now get more results in the Chrome image searching option.

AI-equipped features have also been released

A few days ago, Google introduced AI-powered features to improve users' Chrome experiences. With the help of the Help Me Write option, users can now easily solve queries, write emails, provide reviews, etc. Just by typing some keywords, AI will automatically generate text for the users. Additionally, Chrome tabs can now be customized.