Not Reachable: Troubled by calls, try these easy tips to make your phone 'not reachable'!


PC: Maharashtra times

At times when you don't want to pick up someone's call for some reason, you can easily switch off your mobile. This is the easiest solution. But, sometimes you cannot ignore the other person's call and want your call to be not reachable. In simple words you want your mobile to tell the caller "The number you are calling is currently out of coverage area, please try again in a few minutes".

This situation comes sometime in everyone's life. There are various tricks by following which you can make your mobile unreachable and trick the caller into thinking that there is a network problem. The easiest solution for this is to remove the battery when the mobile is not switched off. Today we are going to share more such tips.

Use of aluminum foil

Many people have tried to make your mobile phone inaccessible by wrapping it in aluminum foil. This trick may sound a bit strange, but it works because it causes a bad network connection. By doing this trick your phone becomes non-reachable, the radio antenna of your smartphone does not receive any mobile network and it becomes difficult to receive any signal after wrapping your device in aluminum foil. If you do not have aluminum foil at home, try keeping your mobile in a steel box. In this way, you can block the signal of your phone.


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Remove the phone battery

Not everyone can do this because nowadays most smartphones are launched with non-removable batteries. But, if your smartphone has a removable battery, then you can try this trick. But, it is not that simple. First of all, you have to call someone from your phone, and during the same call, you have to take out the battery from your phone. After doing this you will be told that your call is not reaching the caller.

Network Block

The SIM network can be blocked in any way to make the phone nonreachable when you want to move your phone out of the coverage area. To do this, you can use one trick. You have to open more and more tabs in the phone's browser and start the program. Phone apps have to be downloaded from your cellular data and updated at the same time. Many users claim. By doing this the network gets blocked and the phone goes into not reachable mode.


PC: maharashtratimes

SIM card

Turn off your phone and reinsert the SIM card. The trick will put your number in not reachable mode until you turn your phone back on. This trick may work for you.

Use of third-party apps

The phone can also be made unreachable using third-party apps. There are some apps on the App Store like "Phone Signal Jammer", "Pilfrash Jammer" and many more that claim so. That is, they can make your phone unreachable.