Nokia 105 Classic: This cool phone launched at a price of Rs 999, will be able to make UPI payment!


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Nokia phone maker HMD Global has launched a new affordable feature phone in the Indian market, named the Nokia 105 Classic. Notable for its budget-friendly pricing, this feature phone comes with a built-in UPI (Unified Payments Interface) application to cater to the needs of Indian consumers. Let us know in detail about the price and features of the phone:

Price of Nokia 105 Classic:

The starting price of this Nokia mobile phone has been kept at Rs 999 and it is available in both blue and charcoal color options. The sale of the device has started from today.



Nokia 105 Classic Features:

Despite the modest starting price of Rs 999, the Nokia 105 Classic offers several notable features. It has an 800mAh battery that can last for a long time on a single charge. The phone includes a wireless FM radio, meaning users can enjoy FM radio without the need for a wired headset.

This feature phone has an 800mAh battery. Additionally, the phone comes with a one-year replacement guarantee.


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Affordable phones for UPI payments:

The Nokia 105 Classic is not only an affordable phone with essential features but also offers an in-built UPI application. This feature allows users to make UPI payments easily.