Noise Luna Ring: Noise company has started releasing a new update for its smart ring!


Noise Luna Ring: Noise company has started releasing a new update for its smart ring, Luna Ring. This update has been brought to make the ring even better. This smart ring was launched in July 2023. Since its launch in the market, Luna Ring has been known for taking care of the health of the user. It had a skin temperature sensor, accelerometer, and heart rate measuring sensor. But now with the new update, artificial intelligence (AI) features have also been included in this smart ring. One of the most special features of these is the company's new AI coach - Luna AI. Let us tell you about this feature in detail. 


The advantage of this AI feature

Luna Ring can now do fitness tracking with the help of AI and also give suggestions to improve your health. Luna AI uses data from more than 20 million people and advanced algorithms to give advice based on your sleep, health goals, activity level, and sleep patterns. It also includes information from wellness experts to give you complete guidance. 

There are three special features in this update

1. Ask Anything

Users can ask Luna AI any questions based on their fitness data and it will answer them. 

2. Body Insights

Luna Ring will now understand your body signals better and give you advice to improve your health. 

3. Personal Coach and Nutritionist

Luna AI will create a workout plan based on your fitness goals and also recommend food based on your body signals. 

When will you get this feature?

Noise has confirmed that this new feature will be available to users in phases. Right now this update is being rolled out to all users gradually and will be available to all users in the coming few weeks.