New update on WhatsApp Privacy Policy, users will get relief; Know full details

New update on WhatsApp Privacy Policy, users will get relief; Know full details

There is relief news for WhatsApp users, the company will reportedly soon release a new update, which will make its new privacy terms optional for users. According to a recent report by WaBetaInfo, users will not be forced to accept the new privacy terms. Also, there will be an option to reject the new policy and WhatsApp will not limit the functions.

These users will not get the optional facility

However, the report states that those who wish to send messages to WhatsApp Business accounts using the cloud provider will need to review and accept the new terms of service. Users who don't interact with business accounts need not worry about anything. A screenshot related to this update has also been shared, which shows that when a user tries to send a message to the business account, the app will introduce new terms and services.

The update will be released for Android and iOS users

The message says, 'WhatsApp has recently updated its terms and privacy policy. Facebook uses a secure company service to manage Business Chat. To chat with businesses, review and accept the WhatsApp update." Users will see two options, including 'Not now' and 'Review'. WABetaInfo has also claimed that the messaging app will be rolling out "very soon". is planning to announce and will release an update on WhatsApp beta for both Android and iOS users.

There was a dispute over the privacy policy of WhatsApp

The Facebook-owned company first announced its new terms of service in January this year to provide integrated services across Facebook products. Earlier this year, the company had implemented new rules regarding its new privacy policy, on which the company had also warned to close the user's account if the policy was not accepted, due to which WhatsApp had to face a lot of problems then. had to face

Due to this many users started switching to apps like Signal and Telegram. The messaging service later said that those who do not accept the new policy will not be able to use all the features of the app. WhatsApp was then heavily criticized for this, so the service decided to provide access to all features, even if people did not accept the terms.