New group members will get this facility on WhatsApp, you will be happy to see the new feature!


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The new feature of the WhatsApp mobile app in mobile will give tremendous benefit to the new group members. When you add someone to a WhatsApp group or join the group yourself. Then you have to face the problem while messaging. Because you do not see the previous message while joining the group. So you do not even know which topic is being discussed. Because now you will be able to see all the previous chats when you join the WhatsApp group. But there is also a condition. Let's see what is this condition...

A new feature is coming for WhatsApp users so that the newly added member of the group will be able to see the last-read messages. The name of this new feature is 'Recent History Sharing'. So, new members joining the WhatsApp group will be able to read old messages, but the admin will have the authority to control these features. So the admin will decide whether to allow the new group member to read the old chat or not, it will be in the hands of the admin.

The new WhatsApp update will benefit people who join new WhatsApp groups. However, if group admins do not want to implement this feature, new members will not be able to see old chats. When group admins activate this feature called 'Recent History Sharing', new members will be able to see chats from the last 24 hours. The information about this new feature has been shared by Wabetainfo, a website that monitors WhatsApp development.



This new update, available to beta testers, will allow new group members to peruse past chats. They will also get a chance to speak their mind. Currently, this feature is only available to beta testers. But in the coming time, these features will be available to all users. Beta users can use this feature with WhatsApp version from the Play Store.


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'Multi-Account Login' is a new feature recently introduced by WhatsApp for Android beta users. This is called multi-account login. With the help of this feature, users can open multiple WhatsApp accounts in a single phone. This facility will be implemented soon.