NEET paper leaked on Dark Web, can the police reach the fraudsters?


In the wake of the NEET and UGC-NET paper leaks, there has been widespread outrage and concern about how such an incident could occur. During the investigation, the police discovered the involvement of the dark web. But what exactly is the dark web, how does one access it, and why is it so challenging for law enforcement to trace activities on it?

What is the Dark Web?

From public debates to discussions in Parliament, the NEET and UGC-NET paper leaks have sparked significant outcry. The investigation revealed that the leaked papers were being sold on the dark web. But what is the dark web, and how does it operate?

The dark web is an unseen part of the internet where illegal activities frequently occur. It's a hub for various illicit operations. The key question is whether the police can apprehend those who conduct illegal activities on the dark web and whether it can be tracked.

Dark Web: The Harsh Reality of the 'Black World'

Unlike the conventional web, where sites have URL extensions like .com, .in, and .org, the dark web uses the .onion extension. The onion routing technique, used by the dark web, helps protect users from surveillance and tracking by constantly changing IP addresses to maintain privacy.

In simple terms, numerous IP addresses connect and disconnect on the dark web, making it nearly impossible to trace anyone. Consequently, any message originating from the dark web is difficult to trace back to its sender, location, or device.

It's challenging to determine the number of sites on the dark web. Criminals often use cryptocurrency for transactions to avoid detection. Additionally, the dark web cannot be accessed through standard browsers like Google or Yahoo; it requires a specialized browser like TOR.

So, what's special about this browser? Reports suggest that TOR does not save browsing history and allows IP addresses to be changed, making it virtually impossible for the police to apprehend criminals conducting illegal activities on the dark web.

Will the Fraudsters Be Caught?

The difficulty in catching criminals on the dark web is one reason it can't be banned. This hidden world is used for various nefarious activities, including scams, phishing, data leaks, and account hacking.

The dark web is a shadowy realm where catching those engaged in illegal activities is incredibly difficult. Therefore, it remains uncertain whether law enforcement will be able to apprehend those responsible for leaking NEET and UGC-NET papers via the dark web.