NEET Dirty Secret: Big revelations are being made every day in the case of National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test i.e. NEET!


Try to make a list of such students

According to a Times of India report, government sources have said that efforts are being made to prepare a list of students who scored well in their second attempt at unidentified centres and are now pursuing MBBS in government medical colleges.

Has this type of fraud happened this year as well?

A similar scenario was witnessed this year when students from different states opted to take the exam from a school in Godhra, Gujarat. Gujarat police, which exposed the scam, said that students were asked to fill in the answers of the questions they knew and the rest of the questions were not answered.

According to Godhra Superintendent of Police Himanshu Solanki, 'The exam centre superintendent had to fill the blank answer sheets in half an hour when the supervisor had time to pack the papers. The answer key (NEET Answer Key) was to be provided by coaching institutes, which make the key available online after the exam.' A counsellor has said that the police should investigate how students got such centres where tampering was done.

When students fill in their NEET (UG) application forms, they are expected to give two city options for the exam centre. "Before filling the forms in February, parents told me about agents who said they would fill the forms for the candidates and the exam centres would be far away from the cities," said Sudha Shenoy, a parent representative and counsellor.

Experts agreed that the issue of NEET is not local

Sudha Shenoy said, 'Parents were assured that their children would get 'high' ranks. For this, Rs 1 lakh was demanded in advance and Rs 9 lakh after the result. I had prevented them from falling into any such trap.' The National Testing Agency (NTA) has always said that the computer randomly creates an exam center based on the choice of cities given by the students. On this Sudha Shenoy asked, 'If the centers created by the computer are given, then how do the paying students reach the tampered exam centers.'

Experts said the NEET 2024 controversy is not just 'local' but possibly 'widespread'. They said the NTA needs to 'look closely' at the system and 'find the loopholes and fix them'. Student representative and counsellor Sachin Bangar said, 'The student should be given a local centre based on the candidate who has appeared for class 10th and 12th exams and the address given on the Aadhaar card. Apart from this, government officials should also be involved for supervision. Like the voting process, they should be informed about the duty a night in advance.'

An official who has been involved in the admission process in Maharashtra for decades said that NEET should be conducted on computers for security reasons. "Apart from this, the new provisions introduced for the PG exam should also be brought in for the UG exam. The exam should be divided into multiple-timed sections, which cannot be viewed again after the time is over," the official said.