More than 76 lakh accounts were banned on WhatsApp, do not make this mistake even by mistake!


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Instant messaging app WhatsApp has announced that it has banned over 76 million accounts in India. The action comes after WhatsApp released its compliance report under the new IT Rules 2021, revealing information about the actions taken on the accounts of Indian users.

According to WhatsApp, a total of 76,28,000 accounts were banned between February 1 and February 29, out of which 14,24,000 were actively banned. The reason behind banning these accounts is the complaints received. 16,618 complaint reports were received in the country in February.


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Talking about WhatsApp users, there are currently more than 50 crore users in India. For users, it is important to know the reasons for such actions. These reasons may include breaking WhatsApp's terms of service or presenting controversial content.

Users need to be cautious while sharing information. A single mistake can result in their account being suspended. Additionally, users should always avoid sharing controversial content.


pc: abplive

If users engage in activities that violate company policies, they may face a ban. Violating third-party copyrights, trademarks, and other policies may result in serious consequences for users.

It is generally seen that scammers try to cheat users by creating accounts under the guise of banks. In such a situation, action can be taken against them for violating the terms of service of WhatsApp.