Mobile Tips: The phone's Bluetooth should not become a problem, click to know these security risks!


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In today's time, technology has become very advanced but along with its advantages, it also has many disadvantages. When we have to send something to another device, we just have to turn on Bluetooth and send or receive the files. But if it is not used properly then Bluetooth itself can become a problem for you.

You read it right, there can be many security risks in using Bluetooth. Here are five main security risks you should know about:

Bluejacking: Hackers can send unwanted messages to your device or can breach your privacy by sending files and can access the personal information present in your phone.

Bluesnarfing: Hackers most target people whose Bluetooth is always on. This is a security risk in which hackers can access your phone's data through Bluetooth such as contacts, multimedia files, and messages of smartphones, etc.

Bluebugging: In this, hackers can gain complete control of your phone, through which they can send calls and messages.

Weak Encryption: Some Bluetooth devices use weak encryption or a default PIN, which makes it easier for hackers to exploit.

Unpatched Vulnerabilities: Some Bluetooth protocols may also have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

Take the following steps to avoid these security risks:

Turn off Bluetooth after using it.

Check your device periodically for updates and update the software.

By following these measures, you can avoid the security risks of Bluetooth.