Mobile Tips: Is your smartphone reading your mind? Why do ads of your choice start appearing? Know!


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You must have noticed that when you search for something on the Internet, you start seeing advertisements related to your search. Sometimes these ads can be helpful, but sometimes they can also be annoying. It may make you wonder if your smartphone is reading your mind.

In fact, your phone is not reading your mind, but Google is tracking your every online activity in order to show you ads based on what you are searching for.

If you get frustrated with these ads and want to know how to get rid of them, you can follow these steps.


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Go to your phone's Settings and tap Google. Then, you have to go to "Manage your Google account". Once you tap on the Google Account option, you should go to the “Data & Privacy” option.

In the “Data & Privacy” section, scroll down a bit, and you will find the “Personalized Ads” option. Here you can see which of your activities Google is tracking.


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In the "Personalized Ads" option, click on "My Ad Center". Here, you will see the categories of ads that are currently being shown to you. Turn off this option by clicking on the category in which you do not want to see ads in future.

Not only this, once again go back to the Manage Your Google Account option, here you will see Ads written. As soon as you tap on this option, you will have to tap on DeleteAdvertising ID. After doing this, ads will not bother you.