Microsoft News: Microsoft is going to launch its online mobile game store soon in July!


Microsoft News:  Microsoft is going to launch its online mobile game store soon in July. The company's Xbox Chief Sarah Bond gave this information at the Bloomberg Technology Summit. Many games created by Microsoft's game studios will be available in this store. The special thing is that this store will not run like an app but on a web browser. 


Users can get a discount 

According to a Bloomberg report, games like Candy Crush Saga and Call of Duty: Mobile will be available in this store. You can also get discounts on items used in these games. Sara Bond says that this store will not depend on any app store, but will run directly on the web browser. Therefore you can use it on any device and in any country. No matter which device you log in on, all your games and rewards will be with you.

Could be a good option for users 

This means that Microsoft's game store can be a good option for gamers to avoid the commission of up to 30% that they get on the App Store. Currently, games are mostly available only on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In such a situation, it remains to be seen what special discount the gamers will get at this new store.

The thing to note is that even though Microsoft is the largest gaming company in the world, it is still lagging in the mobile gaming market. This step of Microsoft is also being seen as a challenge to the app stores of Google and Apple. However, it is not yet clear whether Microsoft will also bring its app store or not.

In the year 2020, Epic Games had told in its game Fortnite that if someone buys the game's currency from the website, he will get a discount of 20%. On this issue, Apple and Google removed Fortnite from their app stores. Epic Games had also filed a lawsuit against it.