Microsoft Bing and Copilot crashed, users lashed out at X!


Microsoft Bing and Copilot Down:  Many people around the world use Microsoft's search engine Bing. It is quite popular among the people. People use it to browse the internet. But, many people are facing problems because Microsoft's search engine Bing is not working properly at the moment. Many users say that they are not able to use Bing to search for information on the Internet. Besides, Microsoft's AI chatbot "Copilot" is also not working properly. This chatbot is also down. After these services are down, users are complaining on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter). Let us tell you about it in detail. 


According to, reports of Bing and Copilot service being down have been received since a few hours ago. However, it is not yet clear why these services have been stopped and when will they be restored. Microsoft has also not given any information about this yet.

Users are seeing this message  

Some people see an error or a gray-colored page when they open, which has a Bing search bar. At the same time, some are getting this message "Bing is not working at the moment, but everything will be fine soon." Similarly, when trying to use Copilot, some users are getting this error after the loading screen "We are unable to connect to the server at this time, please excuse us."

this tool is also not working 

This problem is not limited to Bing Search and Copilot, but the DALL-E powered Bing Image Creator tool also seems to be down, and opening it gives the same error as Bing Search. Not only this, privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo is also not working at the moment.