Micro cheating is not an affair but is no less than infidelity!


What Is Micro Cheating: Talk openly to your partner and share your feelings. If you feel that your partner is micro-cheating then honest conversation is the only way to save the relationship. 


In today's era, the challenges of maintaining relationships have changed a lot. The Laxman Rekha of loyalty in relationships is no longer limited to just physical relationships. A new word "micro-cheating" is rapidly gaining popularity. Let's know what it is and how to identify if your partner is doing it.

What is micro-cheating?

Micro-cheating means doing small things in a relationship that make the other partner suspicious of you. Your partner may feel that you are drifting away from them or getting emotionally close to someone else. This cannot be called cheating but this is the point in a relationship when the other partner should be cautious.

Five signs that show your partner is micro-cheating- 

1- Repeatedly liking and commenting on a particular person on social media, sending flirty messages on their posts, all these point towards micro-cheating. If your partner is doing this and you feel uncomfortable, then a conversation is necessary.

2- If your partner talks to his/her ex-lovers on the phone or chats with them and hides this fact from you, then this is not a good sign. 

3- If your partner shares all his problems with someone else and not with you, this can also be a sign of a rift in the relationship. This clearly means that he is looking for emotional support outside his relationship.

4- If your partner continuously praises the beauty, success, or anything of a particular person in front of you, despite you not liking it, then it is a sign that he is getting attracted to that person. 

5- If your partner suddenly starts locking the screen, keeps the phone away from you, or deletes the call history, then this can lead to a lack of trust. 

Remember this

Micro-cheating can be defined differently in every relationship. An innocent thing for one person can be uncomfortable for another. In such a situation, to keep the relationship strong, it is important to take care of the likes and dislikes of the partner.