Lok Adalat News: Know How to apply online!


Lok Adalat News:  If you live in Delhi and have a huge challan on your vehicle, then now you can get this challan waived. Delhi Traffic Police keeps organizing National Lok Adalat from time to time. In this Lok Adalat, you can get the amount of the fine paid on your vehicles settled. Many times the challenge becomes more than necessary. In such a situation, its settlement can be done, and for this, you can take the help of Lok Adalat.


Recently, on May 11, Lok Adalat was set up in Delhi. Offenses including red light jumping, PUC, speed limit, seat belt, etc can be reduced or forgiven in this Lok Adalat. National Lok Adalat was organized by the Delhi State Legal Services Authority in collaboration with the Delhi Traffic Police on behalf of the National Legal Services Authority. A total of 1,80,000 challans were settled in the Lok Adalat held on May 11. 

How to apply online: 

 To apply in Lok Adalat, a person has to download the e-challan from the official website i.e. https://traffic.delhipolice.gov.in/notice/locadalat. After this, they have to participate in Lok Adalat. 

Step-by-step process to download challan receipt 

Go to the link given on the Delhi Traffic Police Lok Adalat website. 

Enter the required details including vehicle number, chassis number, or engine number. 

Now click on challan details and you will get the details of compoundable challan.

Click on 'Print Notice' to proceed with the court selection process.

Select Court Complex, Court, Session, and now take a printout of the slip.