Laptop Tips: Stop these 4 mistakes from today itself, otherwise the laptop battery will get damaged very soon!


PC: Unsplash

The gadget cannot run without a battery. The battery of the gadget helps breathe life into it. But knowingly or unknowingly we commit some mistakes which have an adverse effect on the laptop battery. Due to this, the battery will get damaged not in years but in months. Then there will come a time when the battery will need to be replaced. Let us know what mistakes you people should avoid making.


When the laptop starts heating up excessively, then understand that it is affecting the laptop's battery. Never use your laptop while sitting in sunlight, this affects its performance.

Frequent charging

Many people have the habit of charging the laptop again and again. Charging the battery up to 100 per cent and then leaving it charging for a long time can reduce the life of the battery. Therefore, instead of charging your device fully, you should charge it only up to 80 per cent.



To discharge

Some people charge the laptop battery only after it is completely discharged. But doing this should be avoided. If the battery of the laptop goes down to 20 percent then put the laptop on charge.

Wrong charger

People buy local chargers to save money after the charger that came with the laptop gets damaged. This will save you money but using a local charger will affect your laptop.