Just one click and your mobile number will go to someone else!


How to Protect Yourself From SIM Swap Scam: Nowadays a new type of fraud has emerged, which is called SIM Swap Scam. In this, the scammer can steal your mobile number and transfer the calls and messages coming on it to his SIM card. In this way, he can get the verification codes for your bank account, social media, and other important places. With this, the scammer can commit fraud against you, empty your bank account, and can also blackmail you by stealing your data. But, by adopting some methods, you can avoid this SIM swap scam. Let us tell you what you have to do. 


Ways to Avoid Sim Swap Scam 

Create strong passwords

Create strong and different passwords for each online account. Also, keep changing them from time to time. Do not create passwords made up of simple words like birthdays or mobile numbers.

Do not click on suspicious links 

Do not open any link or file received from an unknown number or email. Check the identity of the sender carefully.

Keep an eye on your accounts

Check your bank, email, and social media accounts regularly. Turn on alerts to notify you if there are any discrepancies.

Contact your mobile company

Contact your mobile company to have a PIN or password set on your account. Some companies also offer the option to disable SIM swapping altogether.

Protect your identity

Use services that keep track of your personal information and notify you if there is any potential fraud.

Report suspicious activity

If you think you have been SIM swapped, contact your mobile company immediately to keep your account safe. Also, inform your bank and other relevant institutions.