Is Whatsapp really silently listening to your conversations in the background? Google told the truth, know!


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WhatsApp is often found in controversies and the app has been accused of sharing users' data in the past. WhatsApp has also issued several clarifications over the years stating that they cannot view users' data or read their messages or listen to their calls. WhatsApp also claims to offer end-to-end encryption on its messages.

However, now WhatsApp is in trouble again as a Twitter engineer has claimed that the instant messaging app was using his phone's microphone at night while he was sleeping. The post is currently going viral, especially after Elon Musk responded by saying, "WhatsApp cannot be trusted."

After the viral post, many users are worried about their privacy. So, is WhatsApp listening to your private conversations?

What did Elon Musk say about WhatsApp?

Commenting on a viral post by a Twitter engineer, Elon Musk showed that his Android dashboard displayed that WhatsApp was accessing his microphone in the background from 4:20 am to 6:53 am.

A Twitter engineer named Foad Dabiri shared a screenshot of the Android dashboard and wrote, "WhatsApp is using the microphone in the background while I was sleeping and since I woke up at 6 am! What's going on?"

Elon Musk replied to the tweet saying, "WhatsApp cannot be trusted."


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WhatsApp asked Google to investigate

Clarifying the issue in a tweet, WhatsApp said that it is happening due to a bug in Android. WhatsApp had also asked Google to investigate the matter. In another tweet, WhatsApp also clarified that its users have "full control" over their microphones.

The company's tweet read, "Over the last 24 hours we have been in contact with a Twitter engineer who posted an issue with his Pixel phone and WhatsApp. We believe this is a bug on Android that was reported in their privacy dashboard." misrepresents information in Google. We have also asked Google to investigate and remedy."

"Users have full control over their mic settings Once permission is granted, WhatsApp accesses the mic only when a user is on a call or recording a voice note or video – and even then, its Communications are protected by end-to-end encryption so WhatsApp cannot listen to them."


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Google has confirmed that this was a bug

A spokesperson for the tech giant told Engadget, "Based on our current investigation, this reported a bug in Android affecting WhatsApp users presents incorrect privacy indicators and notifications in the privacy dashboard. We've developed a fix for users." working to."

What did the Government of India say on this issue?

Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar on Wednesday said the Indian government will look into claims that WhatsApp is secretly using users' microphones. He tweeted, "This is an unacceptable breach and violation of #privacy. We will immediately investigate and take action on any breach of privacy even as the new Digital Personal Data Protection Bill #DPDP is being drafted."