iPhone users beware! Your sensitive data is being stolen through ads and push notifications!


PC: Today

Apple is a company that is known for following strict security regulations and providing features on its iPhones to keep users safe. Compared to Android, iPhones are considered more secure because they are part of a closed network, and third-party apps are not allowed without strict rules by the developers during app upload which keeps them secure and safe. However, amidst this, a worrying report has come for iPhone users.

Reports suggest that sensitive data of iPhone users is being tracked through in-app advertisements and push notifications. A recent report from 9to5Mac (based on 404media) suggests that some in-app ads on iPhones are exploiting users by collecting sensitive information, which is allegedly sent to security services.

These apps are exploiting vulnerabilities in push notification services to collect user data without their consent. Despite Apple ordering companies to obtain permission before tracking users' data, some app users have found ways to bypass these restrictions by using controversial device fingerprinting techniques.

Security researchers at Mysk have highlighted how certain features of the iPhone are being used to secretly collect users' information. According to Mysk, many apps are using this opportunity to send detailed device information in the background. The information collected includes system uptime, locale, keyboard language, available memory, battery status, device model, and more.

In response to this security flaw, Apple has said that starting in Spring 2024, developers will have to clearly inform users about their reasons for using the API. This use is typically in fingerprinting to provide unique device signals.