Iphone Updates: The price of iPhone 15 suddenly dropped!


iPhone 15 iPhone 13 iPhone 14 Plus price cut in India: Looking for a good deal on iPhones? Some online websites are offering huge discounts on iPhone 13, iPhone 15, and iPhone 14 Plus. Especially the prices of iPhone 15 and models have come down a lot, making them quite affordable. iPhone 13 is also a very popular phone and there is a discount on it too. So, which of these three phones will be the best to buy, let's know in detail...


iPhone 15 Price Cut

The price of the iPhone 13 on Amazon is ₹52,890, and this is a direct deal without any hassle of discount. At the same time, its actual price is ₹59,900, that is, you are getting a discount of ₹7,010 on this phone. The price of the iPhone 14 Plus on Flipkart is ₹61,999, while its price is much higher on other online stores, the thing to note is that the actual price of this phone is ₹79,900, so on Flipkart, you are getting a discount of ₹17,901 on it. Talking about the iPhone 15 is available directly for ₹67,999, which is less than its actual price of ₹79,900.

Which one to buy

The iPhone 13, launched in 2021, is still a good choice as it is available at a low price. It has a fast A15 Bionic chip, a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display, and 12MP dual cameras with special stabilization technology for better pictures. Its battery life is good, and it also supports the new 5G technology. This phone looks great and its screen is very durable.

Features of iPhone 15

If your budget is up to Rs 70,000, then it will be more beneficial to get the latest model iPhone 15. This phone is much better in many respects. It has a new and faster A16 Bionic chip which gives better performance. Also, its screen is slightly larger (6.1 inches) and has new ProMotion technology, which makes scrolling smoother and the refresh rate can also go up to 120Hz. There has also been a lot of improvement in the case of the camera, the main sensor is now 48MP, and advanced technology has also been given for better photos. Compared to the iPhone 13, you will get much better photos from this. Also, iPhone 15 has a new USB-C charging port, which is used in most phones nowadays.

iPhone 14 Plus Price

The iPhone 14 Plus is the middle ground between the two (iPhone 13 and iPhone 15) - a good option for those who like a big screen. Its screen is 6.7 inches and the processor is the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13, but it has been tuned for slightly better performance. The camera system is also largely the same as the iPhone 13, with slight improvements in taking photos at night. Its most special feature is that it has the longest battery life of the three, it can play video for up to 26 hours on a single charge.