iPhone feature will be available in Google Android device, the style of chatting will change


The new update can be launched for Xiaomi's 9 smartphones by the end of the year. The update for the rest of the smartphones will be released next year i.e. in 2022. After the new update, the smartphone will not only become more secure than before but the performance is expected to be better.

Let us know that such a feature was still now present in iOS and macOS devices, which will soon be released for Android users. In such a situation, the way of sending messages to someone from an Android device is going to change completely.

Google will soon release a new feature update for Android users. Which will be like the popular iMessage reaction feature of the Apple iPhone. After the rollout of the new feature in Google's Android device, users will be able to easily send emoji characters instead of text in messages. Meaning you will be able to reply to any message through emoji. Let us tell you that such a feature was present in iOS and macOS devices till now, which can be released for Android users soon.

The style of chatting is about to change

According to the report of 9to5Google, the new Google Message feature has been spotted in the latest beta update. Currently, iOS and macOS users can show their emotion with the help of emoji-like reactions from iMessage like laughing, hand reaction – hands up and down. However, in Android, such emojis are converted into reaction text. However, soon after the new update, Android users will also be able to send reaction messages from iMessage. Apart from this, another new message feature has been spotted. With the help of which users will be able to set a birthday reminder in the message. This means that you will get information about the birthday notification feature coming from the chat.

The new feature will come in WhatsApp

The beta update of WhatsApp has brought information about the message reaction notification feature of Android users. The message reaction feature of users is being developed by WhatsApp.