Inverter Battery: These 5 tips increase the battery life of the inverter!


Inverter Battery:  If the inverter battery is not working properly and can provide backup for only a few hours, then you do not need to worry now. There are some tips with the help of which the battery life of the inverter can be increased. Today we are going to tell you about 5 such tips in detail. 


1. Choose the right battery: Choose the right type of battery based on your needs and budget. Tubular batteries are generally more durable than aqueous batteries.

2. Store the battery in a cool and dry place: Keep the battery away from direct sunlight or heat. Heat may shorten the life of the battery.

3. Do not overcharge or discharge the battery: Overcharging or discharging can reduce the battery capacity. Most inverters have protection systems to prevent overcharge and discharge.

4. Perform regular battery maintenance: Check the battery water level (for hydro batteries) and keep the terminals clean. Repair loose or corroded connections.

5. Replace old batteries: Battery capacity degrades over time. When the battery is 4-5 years old, consider replacing it.

Some additional tips to increase the life of your inverter battery:

Reduce your inverter usage: Turn off the inverter when not needed.

Reduce the load on electrical appliances: Avoid using multiple electrical appliances at the same time.

Use solar panels: Solar panels can reduce the charge on your inverter battery, increasing its life.

If these tips are followed then believe me the battery of the inverter can be boosted and its life can be increased.