Inverter Backup: Know about those works by which you can keep the inverter fit!


Inverter Backup:  During the summer season, the inverter installed in the house works more than required, and due to the hot weather, it starts facing many problems. During the summer season, electricity gets cut more than required, so if you have been using the inverter continuously for months, then you should get some important work done in it. With this, you can keep your inverter fit. If you do not know about this, then today we are going to tell you about those works by which you can keep the inverter fit. 


1. Get the inverter battery checked:

The battery is the most important part of the inverter.

The battery can deteriorate quickly in summer.

Get the battery water checked and change the water if necessary.

Get the battery terminals cleaned.

Get the charging capacity of the battery checked.

2. Get the wiring of the inverter checked:

Get it checked to see if there is any fault or damage in the wiring of the inverter.

Tighten loose connections.

Get damaged wires replaced.

3. Get the inverter serviced:

In summer there is more load on the inverter.

Getting the inverter serviced will ensure that it will function without any problems in the summer.

Servicing includes cleaning the inverter, changing the oil, and other necessary tasks.

4. Choose a suitable location for the inverter:

Keep the inverter in a ventilated and dry place.

Keep away from direct sunlight.

There should be enough space around the inverter so that air can flow easily.

5. Precautions to be taken while using the inverter:

Do not overload the inverter.

Run only essential appliances from the inverter.

While switching off the inverter, switch off all the appliances.

Do not keep any flammable material near the inverter.

By getting these things done, your inverter will work without any problem in summer and will give you a strong backup throughout the season.