Instagram will automatically reply to messages, set the settings like this!


Instagram Auto Reply is a feature found in your Instagram message settings that gives you the option to send automatic messages to frequently asked questions. For example, someone might normally ask you, “Do you do free shipping?” For this, your team can set an auto reply which sends the reply immediately to the customer without any wait. For this, you just have to make some settings on your Instagram.

Auto reply on Instagram: set it like this

For this, first of all, click on the arrow icon or message icon on Instagram. After this click on the three dots and click on the tools option. In the Tools option, you will see the option of Frequently Asked Questions. Click on it, and after doing this click on Show questions, this will enable the feature of automated answers. Click on the option of 'Show Question' in the question. In this, you can add 4 questions and answers.

Now add the question here. After this, you will have a prompt, and save their responses also. Apart from this, if you want, you can monitor any of your accounts. For this, you can take full advantage of the features of Instagram.

Supervision feature of Instagram

Supervision available on Instagram is a feature that allows you to keep an eye on someone special. In this, if parents want, they can keep an eye on every activity of their children below 18 years of age. Instagram accounts can be monitored with this feature.

Which content has the other user accessed through this feature? Apart from this, you can know everything about how much time he has spent on Instagram and where. Not only this, in this feature you can also keep an eye on the interactions made on Instagram.

How to set the supervision feature

If you also want to keep an eye on someone or want to monitor his account yourself, then immediately make this setting on your phone.

  • If you want to set up the supervision feature then follow this simple process. For this, first of all, go to your Instagram account and click on your profile photo.
  • After this click on the settings option. After clicking on this, a family option will be shown to you, click on it.
  • Now here you will see an option for the supervision feature, click on it.
  • After doing this, click on the option of Create Invitation. After this, fill in either the email address or mobile number of the user (whom you want to keep an eye on).
  • After filling, click on the Send Invite option. If your supervision is accepted, you will be able to easily monitor their account without any interruption.

You will benefit a lot by using these two features. You will be able to set automatic messages on Instagram and also keep an eye on your special someone. To set both the features, follow the process mentioned above.