Instagram Tips: Instagram reel accidentally deleted, restore it with the help of this secret feature


Many amazing features are available on Instagram, you can recover even if a post or reel is deleted.

Instagram features

Pics Credit: Unsplash\/Freepik

Open the Instagram App on your phone and then click on the profile photo on the bottom right side.

First step: After tapping on the profile photo, click on the three lines icon on the top right side.

Second step: After tapping on the three lines icon, tap on the Your Activity option in the How You Use Instagram section.

Step 3: After tapping on Your Activity, tap on Recently Deleted in the Removed and Archived Content section.

Fourth step: Through the recent delete option, you will also be able to recover accidentally deleted posts or reels.

Fifth step: Tap on the post or reel and then tap on the three dots visible on the top right side and click on Restore, Instagram reel or post can be recovered only in 30 days.