Instagram: Know How to use cutout stickers!

Instagram Users:  These stickers are transparent, which means they blend seamlessly with your photos and videos, allowing you to get even more creative with them.


Instagram Users:  Cutout stickers are a new feature on Instagram that lets you create custom stickers from your photos and videos. These stickers are transparent, which means they blend seamlessly with your photos and videos, allowing you to get even more creative with them.


How to use cutout stickers:

Open your photo or video that you want to edit.

Tap the sticker icon.

Select "Cutout Sticker".

Select the object you want to make a sticker from.

Adjust the stickers (size, position, rotation) as per your liking.

Place the sticker on your photo or video.

Share your story or post.

Some tips for cutout stickers:

Be creative! You can create stickers from people, objects, or even text from your photos and videos.

Experiment with different shapes and angles to create fun stickers.

Add shadows and highlights to make your sticker more realistic.

Use stickers to express your feelings in your stories and posts.

Cutout stickers are a great way to express your creativity on Instagram. With a little practice, you can create stunning stickers that will make your stories and posts even more engaging.