Instagram: Followers will get to listen to the song as soon as they open your profile picture, just make this setting!


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Nowadays, almost everyone uses Instagram, and many of them are content creators on the platform. If you are active on Instagram and use every feature the platform has to offer, you will love this feature too. By now, you've probably posted songs to your photos, Stories, and Reels. Now, you can also add a great song to your Instagram profile picture. This way, whenever someone opens your profile photo, they will get to hear the song you set.

To set a song on your Instagram profile photo, you need to add it to your profile settings. Follow these simple steps:

Add a song in your Instagram DP like this:

First of all, you have to go to your Instagram profile. Then, click on the 'Edit Profile' option. Scroll down a bit and you will see the option 'Music'. Click on it. You will see a list of several songs on your screen; If not, you can search for a song in the search bar. Now you can choose any song of your choice and set it on your profile picture. After this, whenever someone visits your profile or opens it, he will get to hear a beautiful song.


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Some of you might be wondering why this option is not visible on your profile. Let us tell you that you will get this fun option only when your Instagram is updated. So, if you do not see this option on your Instagram profile, go to Google Play Store and update your Instagram.

Trending Audio on Instagram:

If you create reels on Instagram but they do not go viral then this feature will make your work easier. Here, we'll explain how you can add trending audio to your reels. After this, the chances of your video going viral will increase.



Follow this process:

For this, you just have to go to your Instagram profile and click on Professional Dashboard. Here when you scroll down you will see the option of 'Trending Audio'. Click on this option. After that, you will see many trending audios. You can choose any song from these, use it in your video and make your video reel viral. This way, your chances of getting more views on your reel increase.