In the name of updating KYC, your bank account may also become empty, this scam is going on!


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In the digital age, it has become extremely difficult to commit any kind of fraud. To curb fraudulent activities related to financial transactions, KYC has now become mandatory in various domains. However, cybercriminals are taking advantage of this requirement for KYC verification. There have been several cases of fraud in recent times where individuals were targeted under the guise of KYC updates, resulting in their entire bank accounts being emptied.

KYC Update Scams:

Cybercriminals are easily targeting individuals by taking advantage of KYC update requirements. They send messages to people's phones in the name of some bank or scheme, claiming that banking services may be suspended due to incomplete KYC. Many people click on the given link to complete the KYC update, but after some time their account becomes blank.

Apart from messages, similar frauds are also being done through phone calls. Individuals are contacted and told that their KYC is incomplete, and are provided with a link along with steps to complete it over the phone. By clicking on this link they become victims of cyber fraud.

Precautions to be taken:

If you get any message regarding KYC, avoid clicking on any of the links given. Do not trust the links given in such messages. Verify your KYC status directly on your bank's official website or by visiting the bank in person. If someone asks you to complete KYC over the phone, refuse and inform them that you will complete it in person at the bank. Educate your family and others in your household about these precautions.