If you want to avoid online scams then always keep these 5 things in mind, otherwise you will become a victim of fraud!


pc: amarujala

Scams are becoming an everyday occurrence in India and people often become victims of them due to various reasons including their own mistakes or lack of understanding. While WhatsApp is designed to connect people, cybercriminals misuse it for fraudulent activities. Today, we will share some ways to protect yourself from WhatsApp scams.

1. Avoid unknown numbers:

If you receive a WhatsApp message from an unknown number, avoid responding immediately. First of all, verify the number before chatting to make sure that someone you know is actually chatting with you.

2. Beware of phishing attacks:

Cybercriminals often send messages posing as banks, delivery services or government agencies to scare people. They may also share web links that lead to phishing attacks. Be careful with such messages and links to avoid falling victim to phishing attempts.


pc: amarujala

3. Think before you click:

Think twice before clicking on any link given in WhatsApp messages. Avoid clicking on links from unknown numbers. If someone you trust shares a link, verify its validity before clicking, as clicking on a malicious link may download malware or a virus to your device.

4. Be careful with personal information:

Be extremely careful while sharing personal information, like bank account numbers, internet banking passwords, credit card details, etc. Avoid sharing such sensitive details with anyone.


pc: amarujala

5. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes:

There is no shortcut to earning more in less time, rather it is a cheat. Good things take time. Cybercriminals may claim that your money will double quickly, but it is important to be sceptical and avoid falling for lottery or offer scams.