If you search this on Google, you will get fungus on your screen! If you don't believe it, try it


If you also want to know about new things, then this information will surprise you. There are some words on Google which when written and searched, strange things start happening on Google. Know here which such words you can try by writing them.

Google Search Unique Results

If you keep searching something or the other on Google and want to know about different things, then this information is for you. Even if you search anything on Google, but if you search by typing this, you will be shocked. After this, strange results will start appearing on your laptop or phone screen. Sometimes fungus will appear and sometimes a bear will appear on the screen. If you do not believe it, then try searching by typing these words.

If you write this, you will get fungus on Google

Now you must be thinking how this can happen, how can fungus appear on Google. If you search for The Last Of Us on Google, then a mushroom appears on the screen. If you tap on this mushroom, then fungus starts appearing on the screen. The more you tap this mushroom, the more the fungus grows. After some time, your screen will be filled with it.

The bear will be captured

Like Last of Us, if you search on Google by typing Drop Bear, you will see this icon of a bear. If you click on this icon, you will see a bear falling from the screen. After this, it falls down with a thud, as soon as it falls, a loud explosion is seen on the screen.

If you search by typing BTS, your laptop will be filled with balloons

If you search by typing BTS, you will see a heart in the right corner. If you click on it, you will see balloons all over the screen. You can burst these balloons when the battery is not down.

Coin flip

If you search for flip a coin on Google, you can toss it without using a coin while sitting at home. You can pass your time with this. Or you can give this to your child instead of giving a real coin.