If you have paid through Paytm and the money has been deducted but the person has not received it, then know what to do in such a situation!


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Nowadays, people pay online for everything, from buying something from a store to drinking tea or eating food in a restaurant. However, sometimes when you make an online transaction, it may not be completed but money is deducted from your account. If you face this problem while using Paytm, you can file a complaint. This way:

Filing Complaint through the Paytm App:

If your transaction fails, but money is deducted from your account, it is usually returned immediately. However, if this does not happen, you can file a complaint through the Paytm app. Open the Paytm app and go to the Help & Support section. Then select the appropriate category and lodge your complaint. You can also check the status of your complaint by going to the Help & Support section, selecting Helmet Support, and then clicking on Recent Tickets.

Filing complaint through call:

If your money is deducted through Paytm and the transaction is not possible then you can call customer care. Dial 0120-4456-456 from your registered mobile number and talk to a customer care executive. Provide them with all the necessary details of your complaint. After registering the complaint you will be given a complaint number to track the status. If your problem is not resolved here, you can send your complaint to the RBI helpline.