If you do UPI through a credit card then check what is the limit!


Credit Card UPI

There is no doubt that the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has made digital payments much easier. With UPI you are able to send money to each other's account in real time. Keeping this in view, the facility of UPI through credit cards has also been started in the country, although this facility is currently available only for Rupay credit card customers. If you have a RuPay credit card, you can link your credit card to any UPI-supporting app and make UPI payments directly from the credit card. You can use it like this. Just like every coin has two sides, linking credit cards with UPI has some advantages and disadvantages about which you should be aware. 

Linking credit cards with UPI increases the convenience of using credit cards for small transactions. By linking credit cards with UPI, users can get rewards on all transactions, no matter the amount they pay. In these rewards, you get cashback, points and vouchers. Credit cards generally come with higher credit limits than debit cards. However, there is no clear information about what is the limit for doing UPI through a credit card.