If you do not want to save contacts on Whatsapp, then send messages like this without saving the number


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WhatsApp instant messaging service has established itself as a major player not only in India but across the globe. Every day WhatsApp keeps bringing one or the other new feature.

We add our relatives and acquaintances on WhatsApp. Nevertheless, there are instances where users may not like to save the contact's number every time they start a conversation. WhatsApp does not provide any inbuilt mechanism to send messages to unsaved numbers. Nevertheless, there are several tricks that can be used to overcome this obstacle. These third party apps are especially useful if you don't want to show your name and photo to others.

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Let us know the step by step process for this

1. Begin by opening your favorite web browser on the device of your choice.

2. Copy and paste the following link into the address bar: http://wa.me/91XXXXXXXXXX.

3. As soon as you press enter, you will get the option "Continue to Chat".

4. Click on the "Open WhatsApp" option.

5. After this you can type the message and click on the send button.