If you commit online fraud, you will get 10 thousand rupees!


Truecaller has launched a new feature called 'Truecaller Fraud Insurance'. This service has been launched only in India and is available for both iOS and Android phones. Its purpose is to protect premium subscribers from fraud. Truecaller has partnered with HDFC Ergo company to provide this service. In view of the increasing cases of online fraud, this new feature will help those users who have become victims of fraud. However, for now, this feature is available only for premium subscribers.


What is Truecaller fraud Insurance?

Truecaller has launched a new feature called 'Truecaller Fraud Insurance' in collaboration with HDFC ERGO, a big insurance company in India. This insurance covers you up to Rs 10,000 loss due to any fraud. The good thing is that this insurance is available directly in the Truecaller app. It is as easy as recharging your mobile. You can start and manage this insurance in the app itself. Currently, this service is available only for premium subscribers of Truecaller.

Who will get the benefit?

Premium Subscription: This feature is currently available only for those users who have taken Truecaller's annual premium subscription.

Truecaller Family Plan: If you have Truecaller's family plan, then you can give the benefit of this insurance to other members of your family as well.

Plan Upgrade: If you are currently on a free or premium plan that does not include this insurance, then you can upgrade your plan and then avail this benefit.

How to activate it?

Open the Truecaller app: First, open your Truecaller app and make sure you have the latest version of the app installed.

Find the insurance option: Now find the fraud insurance option in the app's settings or premium features section.

Enable it: Then follow the instructions there to activate the insurance.