If you are going to give your phone to the service centre, then do this work, otherwise it may prove costly!


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Nowadays, our smartphones save all our data, from personal photos and videos to banking and business details. If this device falls into the wrong hands it can be misused. Today, we will guide you on what steps to take before handing over your smartphone to a repair or service centre. If your phone is seriously damaged, you may not be able to follow the steps below, but if it is still working, here are the things you need to do before taking it to a service centre. Following these steps will help maintain your privacy and keep your data safe in this digital age.

Things to keep in mind before giving your phone to the store:

If possible, erase all your data before giving your mobile phone to a service centre. Without data, no one can misuse it. This practice will help those who leave their phone for repair at any mobile outlet.

If you have banking apps on your mobile phone, delete them. Before deleting, note down your password, username etc. in a safe place to avoid any inconvenience.

If you have saved some data in Notepad which is related to your privacy, then definitely clear it because often people do not keep any kind of privacy in Notepad and anyone can see it.

In this digital age, everyone has social media accounts and payment-related apps on their mobile phones. It is better to set double passwords for these apps. If you are not willing to take any risks regarding security, you can delete them.

Set a password for your email and photo gallery. If possible, log out of your Gmail account because, just as the message box opens for every account on the phone, Gmail acts as a key to all digital accounts as it contains details like OTP and password.

Note that when you give your mobile phone to a mobile repair shop, you have to follow these steps strictly. However, if you give your smartphone to an authorized service centre, they follow a specific procedure and take full care of the customer's privacy.