If you are also troubled by WhatsApp spam, then a new update has arrived, and you will be able to block users directly from the lock screen!


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WhatsApp has introduced a new feature, which aims to tackle the persistent problem of spam messages on its platform. The update enables users to block spam directly from their lock screen, providing a convenient solution for dealing with unwanted messages without the need to navigate through the app.

Spam messages have long been a concern for WhatsApp users, which can be anything from promotional offers to fraudulent schemes. With this feature, users can take instant action against such messages right from their lock screen, enhancing their privacy and security.

The process to Prevent Spam: How Does It Work?

The process for blocking spam from the lock screen is straightforward. When receiving a spam message notification, users can long press on the notification for options, including the ability to immediately block the sender. WhatsApp also provides a secondary prompt to report a contact, empowering users to effectively deal with spam.

Apart from this, WhatsApp also provides alternative ways to block unwanted contacts. Users can pre-block a contact by navigating through the app's settings. By accessing the "Blocked Contacts" section under Privacy Settings, users can add and block specific contacts as needed, providing an extra layer of control over their messaging experience.

Cross-platform messaging

Additionally, WhatsApp is actively working on increasing the privacy of its platform. While users are currently required to register their phone numbers on WhatsApp, the company is reportedly exploring options to allow connections on the platform without exchanging phone numbers, addressing ongoing privacy concerns.