If you are also facing a problem in cancelling Paytm FASTag, then cancel it in just one click!


PC: Today

Taking strict action against Paytm Payment Bank, RBI has announced that the bank will stop functioning after February 29. This development is a new challenge for Fastag users associated with Paytm. In such a situation, a new problem has arisen for Fasttag users.

Amid these concerns, Paytm has announced its intention to partner with another bank. Meanwhile, users are searching on Google for information on how to deactivate Paytm FASTag. Despite these efforts, people are not getting the option to deactivate the FASTag section in the Paytm app.

For users wishing to deactivate their Paytm FASTag, a solution has been provided. On clicking a link, a prompt to cancel FASTag will appear. This URL redirects users to the Paytm app, where they can proceed to deactivate their Fastag.


PC: Today

The security money and whatever balance is in FASTag will be returned to you and Paytm FASTag will be closed. Then you can apply for Fastag from any bank.

You will have to pay around Rs 500 and some of the money will be a security deposit while some will come in your FASTag wallet. It may take up to 7 days for the new Fasttag to reach your home.

Apart from this, Paytm is still claiming to issue Fasttag. But on Paytm FASTag you will get the option of HDFC Bank. That means Paytm has partnered with HDFC Bank.

If you get Fasttag issued by Paytm again, it will not be from Paytm Payment Bank, but from HDFC.