If AC is installed in this manner then you will have to pay a fine, first know these rules!


As soon as the summer season arrives, people start buying new Window AC or Split AC, overall the demand for AC increases rapidly in summer to get relief from the scorching heat. If you also use AC in summer, then today's news is especially for you.

AC not only provides cool air but sometimes it can also cause a lot of tension to you. If you use AC in summer or are going to buy a new AC for your home, then let us tell you an important thing. If you have ignored this then it is possible that you may also have to pay a heavy fine.

Of course, you can install Window AC or Split AC in your house, but there is an important rule of the electricity department, know it first. If you do not follow this rule then you may get into trouble and you may also have to pay a heavy fine.

AC Tips: What does the electricity department rule say?

If any person has AC installed in his house or if any person wants to get a new AC installed in his house, then at least 3-kilowatt meters should be installed in the house.

With the arrival of summer, electricity consumption increases because the use of electrical home appliances like coolers and air conditioners increases in every house. Due to the increase in the use of home appliances, sometimes overloading also starts increasing, not only this, but many people also start stealing electricity to save electricity, due to which the employees of the electricity department keep inspecting, in such a situation, there is a problem in your home. The installed electricity meter can also be checked.

If any person has an AC of up to 1.5 tons in his house, then there should be an electricity connection of at least 3 kilowatts. If 2kW AC is installed then at least 5kW power connection is required.

Why will the fine have to be paid?

Suppose you have installed a 1.5-ton AC and you have a 3 kW electricity meter, even then you may have to pay a fine. You might ask why. This is because you should regularly check whether your electricity meter is taking a load of more than 3 kilowatts.

If so, then immediately contact the electricity department and upgrade your electricity meter. If the electricity meter shows a load of more than 3 kilos, then you can get a 5-kilowatt electricity meter installed. If you do not do this work in time and are caught by the electricity department employees, you may have to pay a heavy fine.

If the load in the MDI i.e. Maximum Demand Indication in a person's bill is 10 percent more than the approved load, then a fine will be imposed. Till now this penalty was being imposed only on commercial consumers.

Not only this, along with paying the fine, the customer will also have to regularize the increased load within 30 days and deposit the security deposit. The amount of fine for domestic consumers will be Rs 400 per kilowatt.

People often take a connection with less load to avoid overcharging and keep using electricity with more load on that connection. Even in such a case, a case of electricity theft is made out, this is because consuming more electricity by showing less load is also included in the act of theft.