How to convert e-SIM into normal SIM? Know the process here!


E-SIM is a new SIM technology that is being adopted by most smartphone companies today. With an e-SIM, you don't have to worry about buying a physical SIM card every time you get a new number. You just need to register your e-SIM or embedded SIM in your phone to the new network. Many people are switching from physical SIM cards to e-SIM.

But what if you want to switch back to a physical SIM card? Don't worry, the process is quite simple. Here's how you can convert your e-SIM into a physical SIM card:

What is e-sim?

Before learning anything else, let us understand what e-SIM is and how it works. This is a digital SIM that allows the network provider to activate a cellular plan for your phone.

An Apple iPhone (some models) can have 8 or more e-SIMs installed. However, you can only use two numbers at a time. Here, we are explaining the process to convert Airtel e-SIM to normal SIM, but you can also do the same for other providers like Jio, Vodafone etc.

How to convert e-SIM to physical SIM:

To convert e-SIM to physical SIM, you first need to deactivate your e-SIM permanently. With this, all your network details will be removed from the existing e-SIM.

Note that you cannot do this process online or by yourself. So, visit the nearest store of your network provider. If you want to change Airtel e-SIM to physical SIM then visit the Airtel store nearest to your home.

Explain the entire matter to the Airtel representative and take your identity proof and address proof with you. You can also carry your Aadhar card.

The Airtel representative will permanently deactivate your e-SIM from your phone. Then, they will provide you with a physical SIM card. This will be configured with your e-SIM number.

Now, you just have to insert this SIM in your phone and your phone is ready. Your physical SIM will be activated within two hours.

You may have to pay a little charge for this. But keep in mind that your recharge pack will be transferred to your normal SIM card. You will not need to recharge again.

After following this process, you can switch your e-SIM back to a physical SIM. You won't have to work hard. If you want to convert your normal SIM into e-SIM, then you can do this work online sitting at home.

E-SIM vs Physical SIM:

If you are an e-SIM user then you do not need to insert or remove the SIM card again and again. There is no chance of it falling from your phone. E-SIM is more secure than a physical SIM card, as there is no risk of it being lost or stolen.

Physical SIM cards are sold more than e-SIM. There are still more users of physical SIM cards in the market. Some devices do not support e-SIM. Physical SIM cards are cheaper than e-SIM. Everyone can buy these. Not only this, using a physical SIM card is also easy.