How is Pegasus Spyware used for spying? How to know whether your phone has it or not?


Apple iPhone users are once again at risk of spyware attacks like Pegasus. Israeli company NSO Group had developed this dangerous spyware. There are many questions related to this spyware which still roam in the minds of people like how is spying done with Pegasus spyware and how to find out whether there is a Pegasus attack on the phone?

For your information, let us tell you that Pegasus Spyware can easily hack not only Android devices but also Apple iPhones. Pegasus has been designed in such a way that it is capable of reading the information of mobile apps present in the phone, not only this, it is also considered to be the most powerful spyware in the world.

What is Pegasus: What is Pegasus?

Pegasus is a spyware and like every spyware, its job is to enter into the phone and spy on people. This spying software is installed on laptops and smartphones without your knowledge. Once this spyware enters any device, then understand that theft of personal data is certain.

How Pegasus Works: How does espionage happen?

Now the question arises how does Pegasus spy on people? Once Pegasus enters the phone, this spyware starts stealing data from the targeted phone and sending it to another party. Things like emails, text messages, photos, videos, passwords and contacts are stolen from your phone.

What is NSO Group?

NSO Group is a cyber security company that claims to help governments and security agencies around the world fight terrorism and crime.

This is how spyware is installed in the phone

If there is a bug in the phone's software, hackers can easily install spyware on the device. Malicious (dangerous) links are transferred to install spyware. As soon as any smartphone user makes the mistake of clicking on this link, this spyware automatically gets installed on the device.

Once spyware enters the device, then understand that the control of your phone has directly reached the hands of hackers. Many times hackers even try to install spyware by sending pop-up messages in apps. Therefore, it is advised not to make the mistake of clicking on any such link.

Find out whether your phone has Pegasus or not

Although it is very difficult to detect Pegasus in the phone, after the spyware enters the phone, your phone starts giving you some signals which you just need to identify.

  • If there is any spyware like Pegasus in the phone, then the battery of your phone will start falling rapidly.
  • If there is a spyware attack on the phone then the data consumption will increase. The biggest reason for increasing data consumption is that spyware is dangerous software which is always active in the phone, due to which data consumption starts increasing.
  • If suddenly the internal memory of the phone decreases then it is a sign that there is some app which is taking more space in the phone. In such a situation, go to the phone's settings and check which app is this. If there is any app which you have not installed on the phone then try to uninstall that app, otherwise factory reset the phone.

Apple has a solution to avoid spyware

If you also have an iPhone and you also want to avoid spyware, then immediately go to the phone's settings. By going to the phone's settings, you will find Lockdown Mode in the Privacy and Security option.

What is the Apple Lockdown feature?

As soon as you click on lockdown mode, you will get the option to turn on this feature. With the help of this feature, Apple helps in keeping its iPhone users safe from spyware and cyber attacks.