How does Passwordless Authentication work? Know the benefits!


These days, companies like Microsoft, Google, and IBM are emphasizing passwordless authentication technology. These companies are implementing passwordless authentication in many of their services. Through this technology, users' personal data becomes more secure. In this era of increasing cybercrime, if your password falls into the hands of a hacker, you may have to suffer huge losses. From your bank account being empty, your digital footprint i.e. digital identity can also be snatched away. Technology companies have laid emphasis on passwordless authentication technology for this. Come, let us know about this new technology…

What is passwordless authentication?

Users have to use knowledge-based factors, such as passwords, security questions, PIN (Personal Identification Number), etc. to log in to an app. In passwordless authentication technology, users are able to access their social media, bank accounts etc. without entering a password. This technology is based on users' biometric data or any hardware token. This technology replaces traditional password methods. The user accesses any of his service accounts without entering the password.

These days, cybercriminals are defrauding users in different ways. They can cause huge losses to users by hacking their passwords, PINs etc. Let us tell you that the passwordless authentication feature is not new. Its concept was first introduced in the 90s. This feature provides security to users without a password. Tech companies such as Google, IBM, Gartner, Microsoft etc. first started using it in the 1990s. However, this technology was being used for the authentication of computer systems only in 1980.

What are the benefits?

Passwordless authentication has many benefits, making it more secure than traditional password protection and preventing cybercrime. This technology relies on biometrics by replacing knowledge-based factors. Many companies in India provide passwordless authentication services to keep their customer's data safe, including 1Kosmos, Microsoft, Google, Yubico, Okta, Cisco Duo Security, etc.